Boy Choir Costumes: Capes

Figure 1.--Some English Cathedral choirs have capes to go with their eclesiastical robes. Capes were more common in French school uniforms.

Choir Capes

A few choirs also include capes as part of their choir costume. The cape is, however, is more associated with French school uniforms. HBC knows of some Britush choirs which war capes. There probably have some French choirs which also wear capes, but HBC can not identify them at this time.

While capes are most associated with school wear, they have also been worn as part of choirs costumes. Some British choirboys (usually the senior choristers, but sometimes the entire choir) also wear capes with their choral robes, donning the capes when proceeding from choir school or practice room to the cathedral proper. The two middle boys in this picture from Lincoln Cathedral are be-caped, and probaly appreciative of the extra warmth afforded by their capes in the chilly winter

School Capes

French school children, both boys and girls, traditionally wore capes in inclement weather. They were worn by both boys and girls. They were mostly worn at private boarding schools where the children wore uniforms. HBC at this time, however, has little information about capes. I'm not quite sure, however, why the boys wore capes rather than coats.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 15, 2000
Last updated: July 15, 2000