Figure 1.--Belgian choirs are mostly connected with private catholic colleges (elementary and high schools) where the uniforms have consisted of blue sweaters, whire shirts worn without ties, blue short pants, and white kneesocks. These boys from Colibris wear a distictive kerchief.

Belgian Boy Choirs: Colibris

Choir costumes and school uniforms in Belgium are quite similar to French styles. Most Belgian choir schools are attached to private Catholic colleges. These private schools are high schools, although many also have programs for elmentary age children. The choir school provides intensive mucic instruction, but the boys can take advantage of the facilities and educational opportunities of the school at large. The choir is apparently called "The Hummingbirds" and make concert tours to Canada and other countries.

The Choir

Raise our voices towards the sky - Brittany Round Hummingbirds: a certain heat for one evening all in freshness - Brittany Round The Hummingbirds take again their flight and their songs Fireworks of the Hummingbirds The Hummingbirds maintain their relations with Canada Hummingbirds with the church of the Blessed Sacrament The choral society " Hummingbirds ", of excellent ambassadors of youth inhabitant of Liège The Hummingbirds come out their first 33 turns For 45 years, the Hummingbirds inhabitant of Liège have sung The Hummingbirds fly away for Canada Mr Marcel Warny " Hummingbirds " or the voice towards the sky The Choral society of the " Hummingbirds " had one day of Sunday charged! After having taken part in the mass with the Saint-Idunet church of Châteaulin, they gave a concert to the church of Locronan. The Saint-Idunet church was packed. The people attending the mass were pleased to hear the mélodieuses voices of the " Small Singers " inhabitant of Liège. Made of forty people whose 25 children and directed by Joel Hurard, " the Hummingbirds " have a varied repertory combining sacred musics and profane. Of Mozart with Felix Leclerc while passing by " On the bridge of Avignon ", the various pieces interpreted at the time of the concert of Locronan prove the eclecticism of the Belgian choral society. Accompanied by Jean Volteche (organist), of Isabelle Hallot (soprano)et of Closed Florence (Flute), " the Hummingbirds " chose to carry out their traditional annual round in Brittany. They will be in Concarneau and Cancale and Dol of Brittany Article of press in Brittany of the 26/07/99 - Heading devoted to Chateaulin Hummingbirds: a certain heat for one evening all in freshness A pleasant program forthis third musical evening of the summer with about thirty singers, a soloist and two musicians (organ and flute) They are not pretentious the Hummingbirds, even if they can fly high by their accuracy of tone and their assiduous work. Their estival round began on July 17 by Rouen before continuing in Brittany by Morlaix, Châteaulin then Saint-Malo (their vacation resorts). Almost a hundred people were found with the church of which about fifteen children to which it choral society will have perhaps given the desire for singing. Softness and rate/rhythm punctuated the "Ave Verum " devoted to Blessed Sacrament and composed at the time of the festival God of 1791 as well as the short parts, " night " that Mozart wrote during evenings between friends, " the all grace mozartienne in miniature ". In second part, eight soloists started the secular part of the concert, gathering French songs since the Rebirth of which a " trio of Brittany ", written by an English, " to give pleasure with Breton ". For much, it is the first voyage in Brittany: the morning, repetitions; the afternoon, smallest (7 years) and the large ones dream of range. " Several singers of the choral society them was also small hummingbirds, it is a little what has maintained our cohesion for more than 50 years ". The head of choir - about thirty year - announces a forthcoming voyage in two years in Alsace and the output the next year of CD, this is why all their concerts from now on are systematically recorded. Perhaps they will be found. West-France in Brittany of the 25/07/99 - Heading devoted to the town of Carantec Hummingbirds withthe church of the Blessed Sacrament Faithful to themselves and a rich and varied repertory, the Hummingbirds enchanted the beautiful building of their airs With the concert of official reception of this Saturday May 30 in the church of the Blessed Sacrament, the Hummingbirds proposed a repertory which makes their good fortune since more than one half-century. Songs of promise and canticles côtoyaient pages of Mozart, polyphonic songs of the Rebirth signed Thoinot Arbeau, Jacque

Figure 2.--The choir boys at Colibris are pictured here giving a performance.

Choir Costume

The choir boys wear the same uniform as the other boys. Like several French schools, the uniform of blue shorts and white kneesocks was commonly worn until the 1980s. In many catholic schools in Belgium the schol uniform this consisted of: blue sweaters, white shirts worn without ties, blue short pants, white kneesocks, and black leather shoes. The Colibris boys wore a uniform similar to that of other French and Belgian schools, but are clearly distinguishable by the scout-like scarf they wear. In the 1980s school uniforms throughout Belgium began to change. Now boys at Colibris, like other catholic colleges choirs, mostly wear long pants--even the choir boys.


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