Playing Horsey: Minature Harness and Reigns

Figure 1.-- This cabinent card shows two unidentified boys playing horsey. Note the minature tackle complete with bells. Thee voys are identically dressed They have sailor caps with the word 'Admiral' on the cap talley. They h\wear Fauntleroy blouses and knee panrs. Nore the striped stockings and lace up shoes. The portrait is undated, but the moubtvlooks like the early-1900s. Yhe striped stockings are a little unusual for this period, but the rest of the clothing conform the date.

We note numerous images of children playing horsey. Some have minature horse tackles, harness and reigns. They were made for children to play with. We suspect that these were items that the children or their parennts improvised rather than purchased. We have noted them depicted in the illustrations from the Sears catalog. We are not sure though if Sears actually old these for children or if they just appeared in the catalog illustrations, such as the 1900 catalog. A reader writes, "I don't think the Sears catalog illustraation depicts leading strings are harnesses. I think the two children are playing horsey like the children depicted on this page."


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Created: 12:52 AM 4/20/2010
Last updated: 12:52 AM 4/20/2010