Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Carl Schloesser (1832-1914)

Figure 1.--This painting by Schloesser pictures a classroom where the school master returns to find his students smoking. It is probably set in the early 19th Century. Note older boys in knee breeches and the younger boys in long pants. Also note the French cap the one boy wears.

Carl Schloesser was a German painter. I have no information yet on his life.

He apparently painted historical genre scences. The one painting I know of is Forbidden Fruit which provides an interesting glimpse of a German school in ther early 19th Century. (I'm not sure why one of the boys wears a French cap.) The painting is a historical scene set a few decades before Schlosser began painting. Thus while it looks realistic, I don't think he was painting from memory. It showd how older boys like men in the early 19th Century still wore knee breeches while the the younger boys wore long pants. I'm less sure about the boy's French, you would have thought this might be a bit subversive to wear in a German school.

Christopher Wagner

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Last updated: February 29, 1999