Helen Allingham: Children's Clothing--Pinafores

Figure 1.--This Allingham portrait is unidenified. We are not possitive, but we believe that this child may be Henry.

Mrs Allingham appears to have commonly used white pinafores for the children while at home, both indoors and outside for play. All of the pinafores appear to be white. We do not see anycolored pinafores. The pinafores seem to be very plain utilitarian one. we do not see any fancy pinafores with ruffles and lace. We notice that they were various lengths. Some seem very short. Others are quite long. Henry seems to have often worn pinafores over his dresses. His sisters also wore pinafores, even as teenagers. The pinafores can be distinguished from the smocks in that they do not have sleeves like the pinafores. Unfortunatly while we have quite a few imges of Allingham portraits, but we are not always posutive who the children are in the painting. As far as we can tell, however, the pinafores worn by Henry and Eva were essentially the same. We do not notice any difference in the pinafores worn by the two children.


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Created: October 6, 2003
Last updated: October 6, 2003