John Singleton Copley Portrait: Thomas Aston Coffin (America, 1759?)

Figure 1.---This Copley portrait shows Thomas Aston Coffin. The Copleys were a wealthy Boston merchant family. Thomas wears an elaborate blue dress which may have been made of satin. Very fancy for a boy. I thonk the portrait was painted about 1759.Notice the badmiton equipment and the hat on thge table. I assume that was Thomas' hat. I'm not sure what the plant is all about.

This Copley portrait shows Thomas Aston Coffin (17541810) from a prestigious Boston merchant family. Thomas was the son of William (1723-1803) and Mary Aston Coffin (16991775) and the grandson of William and Anne Holmes Coffin of Boston. There were eight children. Thomas was the oldest and looks to be about 5 years old in te portrait. He wears an elaborate blue dress with a low neckline which may have been made of satin (figure 1). Very fancy for a boy, but the Copleys were a wealthy colonial family. I'm not sure when the portrait was painted, but I would guess 1758-59. His hair style seems similar to that we have noted girls wearing during this period. Thomas graduated from Harvard (1772). His brother William (1756-1804) served as commissary in Cornwallis's army and then as lieutenant in the 1st Bn., K.R.R.N.Y. Sir Thomas was the private secretary to Carleton (1782-83).


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Created: 2:02 AM 2/25/2007
Last updated: 2:02 AM 2/25/2007