Adrien Geefs (Belgium, turn of the 20th century)

Figure 1.--This portrait of a "Young Boy with a Hat" is unidentified. It was painted by Belgian artist Adrien Geefs in 1898. We thus assume the boy is Belgian. Boys did not always wear sailor suits with these wide-brimmed sailor hats, but this boy did.

We note Belgian artist Adrien Geefs painting portraits at the turn of the 20th century. One was a portrait of an unidentified boy in a wide-brimmed sailor hat painted in 1898. He apparently is not a well known artist. We have been unable to find any biograpgical information about him. A French reader who has been very helpful with HBC reports, "It seems to be a beautifully painting portrait. I have, however, never heard of this artist." We rather agree. It is a wonderful porttait. Hopefully our Belgian readers will provide some information about Geefs. The boy has bangs and wears a fairly palin blue sailor suit with an enormous wide-brimmed sailor hat. It looks to be a strawhat with a very elablorate weaving pattern.


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Created: October 25, 2002
Last updated: October 25, 2002