Artists: Hasan Kaptan (Turkey, 1942?- )

Figure 1.--This is 10-year old Hasan Kaptan in 1952. I think it is the 'Life' magazine piece bout him.

Hasan Kaptan is an interesting artist born in Ankara (1942?). His father was painter Arif Kaptan. He was recognized as a talented artist as a boy when he began producing modern art. He exhibited for the first time at the age of 7 years in his hometown. This exhibition toured the major Turish cities, including Istanbul. He exhibited at the Paris gallery FE Buffa (1950). The art critic Pierre Varenne assessing the work exhibited in Paris, "What we observe is in its ancient Anatolia, the beings that pass before his eyes ingenuous child rubbed, shaken by the motley crowds of Asia, obsequious merchants, beggars, emaciated, gaudy gossips, shepherds proud, Cutthroat girls ... All eyes haunt. He wants to understand and fix. No master has done better than him, take a look behind a soul." French television reported on the exhibit as did the press. Following the Pris exhibition, the gallery Saint-Etienne in New York exhibited his works. Life magazine, the mostprestiogious American mass circulation magazine, devoted an entire page to Hasan. They had just reported on Mark Chagall. Further American exhibitions followed, including Washington and Chicago. Time reported on Hasan magazine on this occasion. One of her paintings was purchased by the Wonders Children's Museum in the United States. After his trip he returned to Turkey. A large traveling exhibition of one hundred of his works was put together and toured Anatolia (1954). Hasan obtained a grant from the Turkish government studies (1957). Hasan began studying and painting in Paris. The same year he participated at the Edinburgh Festival. One of these works was reproduced in full page color in Harper's Bazaar. Kaptan studied printmaking for 6 years at the studio of J. Friedlander and learnedthe different possibilities of printmaking, lithography, and serigraphy. He exhibited etchings as part of a group show in the gallery bookshop La Hune. Belgian, English, and Swiss bought his prints. Gradualy Kaptan move away from modern abstract art to more realistic pictoral depictions. Kaptan settled in Normandy and has a special interest in in art therapy.


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