Maria Giudice (Italy, 1880-1953)

Figure 1.-- Maria Giudice was an an important figure in Italian socialism. Here we see her with her seven children. It looks to have been taken in the late-1910s.

Maria Giudice was an Italian socialist activist. She was born in Codevilla, a small town in Italy's Po valley (1880). She was a teacher in primary schools. She became active in political activity with the socialist labor unions and in the party (early 1900s). She begn living together Carlo Civardi (1903), but they never married. Many Socialists at the time questioned traditional values like marriage. They had seven children. She was active in northern Italy. She became executive secretary of the Socialist Party chapter in Turuin. In Turin Giudice sometime collaborated with the Communist Antonio Gramsci on labor matters, but she never joined the Communist Party. An Italian reader tells us, "She was not interested for theories about class warfare." Carlo died during World War I (1917). The Socialist Party resisted Italy's entry into the War. She became editor of Il Grido del Popolo (1916). One historican calls her a 'particularly simpleminded intransigent'. [Cammett] She sharply criticized moderates in the Party. She was tried foir involvement in the Turin uprising (August 1917). Il Grido was replacedd by Avanti! which played a cebntral role in Mussolini's rise to power. Her political activity ended when the Fascist party seized power and forbid non-Fascist political parties and labor organizations (mid-1920s). She was not involved in political warfare after Workd war II and the collapse of Fascism.


Camett, John McKay. Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism.


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