Jacques Zola and Sailor Suits

Figure 1.--Jacques is pictured here in a seies of photographs of him in a rather formal sailor suit. Note the Dutch boy bangs.

Emile Zola's son my his mistress grew up dressed mostly in sailor suits. His mother was very partial to sailor suits. Most of the photographs of him as a boy usually show him wearing sailor suits with both above and below the knee knickers, usually the ones that bloused out rather than buttoned.

Figure 2.--Note the solid color dickey with an embroidered anchor rather than the horizontal striped often associated with French sailor suits.

The sailor suit pictured here is not a classic in that it does not hace many of the details of the middy blouse actually worn by French sailors. The collar, for example, does not have the three striped usually worn onnmiddy blouses. The three stripes are British in origin, representing Lord Nelson's three great victories. Despite this British origin, the style was coppied by navies throught the world, even France whuch was the nationn defeate by Nelson in those victories.

This series of photographs ofers a rare indepth coverage of a young boy, apparently takenn while doing his studies. Jacques appears to have been home schooled by his mother. His noted father also apparently took an interest in his education.

Figure 3.--Jacques looks rather bored or perhaps pensive in this seies of photographs.

Jacques is picture here wearing Dutch boy bangs. Earlier he wore long shoulder-length curls. He looks to be about 8 or 9 years old.

Jacques sailor suit appears to have a sweter-like cuffs. It appears to be a heavier suit, probably worn during the winter.

It is unclear what color Jacque's suit was. It is clearly not white or dark blue like most sailor suits. Perhaps it is a light blue.

Figure 4.--.

Christopher Wagner


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