German Boys Clothes: The 1850s

Figure 1.--This drawing by C.W. shows a 1850s street scene. The draing was done about 1900, so I am unsure how accurate it was. The boy in the picture is wearing a typical Bavarian or Austrian outfit. He is the only one of the whole group who's clothes have not changed--at lest folk costume. Without the rest of the crowd he could be a present-day German boy wearing a folk costume.

HBC has little information about German boys fashions in the 1850s at this time. There probably were considerable differences among German states in the 1850s, especially betwwn Prussia and Austria, as Germany was not unified until the 1871, following the Franco Prussian War. We note that as in other European countries that boys in the 1850s had begun to wear bloomer knickers. We still, however, have very limited information on Germany in the 19th century.

Christopher Wagner

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Creaed: September 26, 2002
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