Modern Renaissance Celebrations

Figure 1.--Here we see some sort of Renaisance recreation. There seems to be a religious component. We are not sure where this was located, perhaps Germany. All we know for sure is that the photograph was taken in 2007.

We notice many communities throughtout Europe have local celebrations dating back to the Renaissance. They seem to be more popular than medieval celebrations. We re not sure that many sctually date back to the Renaissance, but some do. They seem to celebrate all kinds of local traditions. Sometimes only a few participants dress up in Renaissance costumes, but in some instances quite a number of people do. Some of tge celevrations include religious components. We have seem some images that we can not identify. The costuming of course helps us to date the period intended in the various festivals if we do not have the actual details. The costuming is often elaborate.


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Created: 11:23 AM 11/20/2011
Last updated: 11:24 AM 11/20/2011