German Inclemate Weather Clothing: Cold Weather--Capes

Figure 1.-- The boy here had his portait taken in Mülheim/Ruhr, about 1900. He wears a cape with a heavy covercoat. That much have kept him nice and warm. Click on the image to see the boy with his coat off.Image courtesy of the BP collection.

We do not have much information on capes. Our informtion is limited because of our still sparse 19th century Germam archive. We are not sure about the early 19th century, but we see them in the late 19th century photographic record. We do not note them in the 20th century. They were not a destinctively boys' or even child's garment. We note capes being worn by girls as well as men and women. We do not have enough images yet to know how styles varied over time and how boys and girls capes varied. There were stand alone capes as well as matching cape to be worn with overcoats. We do not note then being worn to school as in France. Capes seemed to have been more of a dressy outfit.


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Created: 11:51 PM 11/27/2006
Last updated: 11:51 PM 11/27/2006