German Inclemate Weather Clothing: Rainwear

Figure 1.--About two to five decades ago (1970s/1980s) there was a very popular rainwear fashion in Germny--the socalled "Friesennerz", in light yellow. Friesland is the region to the North-West of Hamburg, where the "Friesen" are living. Because there is a lot of rain, and as a result, they need rainwear. There were even Friesennerz for dogs--the Hund-Friesennerz. We also note Friesennerz fot teddy bears. You may buy these in nearby Hamburg. They were made for children and adults. "Nerz" is a kind of fur (expensive), the "Friesennerz", to the contrary, was/is inexpensive because the Friesen are relatively poor people (and with the "continuing" raining there) they coomonly wore the Friesennerz. Put your cursor on the image to see the Hund-Friesennerz

We do not yet have much informtion on German rainwear. I'm not sure how common raincoats and other rainwear were. Nor do we know much about the different styles of rainwear worn. We have not noticed boys commonly wearing raincoats and we have a fairly extensive archive of German images. This probably, however, reflects the fact that parents were less likely to take photograohs when it was raining and we virtually never see studio portraits for understandable reasons. We see the same tendency in America. While we do see many images of children in winter coats, rain wear images are relatively scarce. Thus we know very little about German rain wear. A German reader tells us about the "Friesennerz" which looks somewhat like a oilskin, although it has an open front. Our knowkedge of rainwear is extremely limited so we are not sure how to classify it. We have seen similar rainwear in America.


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