Hungarian Family Trends: Unidentified Family (1950s-60s)

Figure 1.--Here we see a group snapshots of 11 cousins during summer 1957. They look to be about 1-11 years old. The boys all wear short pants, includig H-bar shorts. Some of the boys and girls wear sailor outfits. The childen wear wear ankle soks or no socks at all. One little girl wears a romper suit. We also notice open-toe sandals. Something seems to be going on up in the air.

A HBC reader has provided us a group of Hungarian family snapshots. Thefamily is unidentified. All we know is that they are Hungarian and when the photograsphs were taken. The photographs are not of a single family, but rather a group of about 11 cousins, both boys and girls. The number of cousins in the photographs varied, presumsanly affected by new arrivals and which families attended the family get togethers. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the family. The children seem well dessed, so we assume that the family lived in comfortable, but no luxurious circumstances. The snapshots were taken only a few years after the Hungarian Revolution brutally supressed by the Soviet Red Army (1956). Thus we thought that the parents were connected with the Communist Party, but perhaps not as the children did First Communions. Most of the snapshots are the children without the adults. We think that most of the photographs were taken at summer get togethers at the grandparents country home. Perhaps we will eventually learn more about the family.

Brothers (1955)

Here we see two of the cousins photographed separately. We assume that they are brothers. They look to be very close. Both boys wear standard white shirts. The older boy wears H-bar shorts. They are made to look like Lederhosen complete with an enbroidered design on the cross-bar of the haltar-like H-bar straps. Hungary was of course associated with Austria for four centuries. They are of course not Lederhosen because they are cloth not leather. The younger boy wears bib-front suspender shorts. Curiously the straps seem to connect to the pants and not the bib front. The boys wear sandals. Note the open toe. That was not common in many other countries (England, France, and Germany) where sandals were widely worn. We do not know enough about Hungary to known how common it was. It may have been a post-World War II style.

Seven Cousins Linedup (1955)

Here we see seven of the younger cousins lined up. We can see grandmother's house in the background peeping through the trees. The children look ri be about 3-11 years old. They are wearing summer play clothes. Three boys wear H-bar shorts which seems to be a popular style in Hungary. They may be brothers. The little girl in front is holding a play boat. Perhaps they are headed to a little stream where they can paddle. They are wearing sandals, except for two childen who are barefoot.

Group Photograph (1957)

Here we see a group snapshots of 11 cousins during summer 1957 (figure 1). They look to be about 1-11 years old. The children look to be wearing summer clothes, but not their every-day plasywear. The boys all wear short pants, including H-bar shorts. Some of the boys and girls wear sailor outfits. Two of the girls wear matching sailor outfits. The little boy in the sailor suit may be their brother. The two boys wearing H-bar shorts ma\y also be brothers. Note that onme of the H-bar crossbars has an embroiderd design. Another boy has suspender shorts without the connecting H-bar. The childen wear wear ankle socks or no socks at all. One little girl wears a romper suit. We also notice open-toe sandals. Something seems to be going on up in the air.

Grandmothers House (1957)

Many of the family photographs are taken on the grounds of the gradmother's home. Here we see the cousins in front of the home. Unfortunarely we have no details on this family. But it looks to us like this was a substantial agricultural estate. After World War II, the Communists broke up these estates. They may have left the estate house and a little land around it to the previous owners. Here we have only limited information. Perhaps our Hungarian readers will be able to provide more details. Grandmother's children have apparently moved to the city, but reyturn home for family reunions. And here we see the cousins.

Cousin Lineup (1957)

The photographer in the family liked to line the cousins up for group photographs at grandmother's home. Here we see the same children photographed in front of granhdmother's house in 1957, lined up by height. As they are wearing the same clothes, the photograph was probably taken the same day. The boys all wear short pants and the girls dresses. One mother must have liked sailor suits as one boy wears a sailor suit and two of the girls wear sailor dresses.

First Communion (1959)

Here we see some of the children doing their Catholic First Communion in 1959. Hungary was a largely Catholic country. After World War II, the Soviets occupied Hungary and installed a Communist Government. The Communists took a variety of actions againstv the Church. Authorities arrested priests. The Church was restricted in their activities with children. People who active in the Church were restructed in a variety of ways, such as access to good jobs and promotions. The Communisdts did not, however, abolish the Church. And it became an institution around which Hungarians could express patriotic, anti-Communist feelings. Here we see children of the unidentified family doing their First Communion in 1959.

Tisza River Outing (1960)

Hungary of course is an inland country, but there are lakes and rivers which are populr summer bathing sites. Here we see some of the unidentified family members on a family outing during 1960. They are in a small boat on the Tisza River. The family is in the boat. Some masy also be in the water. It looks to be a popular bathing site.

Adults (1962)

Here we see the childen with some of the adults in 1962. The portrait was taken at the grandmother's home in the country. As grandfather is not with her, we are guessing that he has passed away. There look to be about 10 of the cousins in the photograph. They look to be about 3-15 years old. It seems likely that one of here children lives with her. We are guessing that this was wear most of the family snapshots were taken. Presumaboy the family would get togeher during the summer, perhass on multiple occassions. The boys all wear short pants and the girls dresses. The outfits look to be casual summer wear. We do not notice sailor outfits or H-bar shorts we see in earlier photographs when the children seem more sressed-up.


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