Dutch Boys' Clothes: Questions

Figure 1.--This image was probably taken in the 1900s and shows the dress of working-class Dutch children. Notice that the children are either barefoot are wearing wooden shoes. Two boys appear to be wearing a basic pinafore-type garment. Also notice the close cropped hair.


May 22, 1:00 am

Hi I forget just when you were coming back. But thought I should get some of the new pages posted for you. I had a computer snafu which has resulted in some lost files, but we can discuss that when you get back. Now as to new pages. I have dome some extensive work in three areas. So much so that you will just want to surf through these sections in their entirity: Greece, Belgian royalty and Bavarian royalty. You will find large numbers of new pages there. Now some more spevific new pages. Another bio Bobby Baker. More on English children's literature . More on children's literature. Some more work on this image English story. Another artist Constable. An analysis of the image English dress. Another French page First Communion. More on France First Communion. Another French page garçons modèles. Some information added here French choir. More on a German choir. Still more on France nannies and governesses. More informantion added on this French account. Another German choir. More choir information German choir. Some information added here French private schools. More of the French account. Another French school page. Oh yes, another major suite of new pages, although there are no images yet NAZI education. Information on German fashion publications. Information on Greek youth groups. Information on French smock terminolpgy. And a French smock summary. More movie information The Search.

April 25, 1:00 am

I been working with your text which is very helful. By the way, yes the lower resolution are fine. I have a program to compress the images, but scaniing at 75 dpi is fine. Some more new pages. I used your text here catalog/magazine pages. Be sure to pursue the links. Some work on Greece. Again, be sure to pursue the links. More on Soviet schools. Another Soviet page. Another American artist Thomas Sclly.

April 22, 7:00 pm

A few more new pages. A bit on Sidney Scottish boy. More on Japan school uniform. A new English school. Be sure to follow the links. More information here on Alexande Mosley. Another English school Stoke House. More work on double-bar sandals. Another LLF page plays. More on LLF plays. A new set of pages on four Austrian brothers. Be sure to follow the links. Another prodigy English boy. Another youth group page advertisements. Some information on Germany folk costume. More on sewing machines. More on the 16th century English boy. Some further corrections here Indian reformatories. More information on color pink.

April 20, 4:00 pm

Sorry to be a little delayed with loading new pages. I keep meaning to and always seem to run out of steam while working on new pages. Thanks for the new images and text which will all make nice additions to HBC. Some of the new pages which you might swant to have a look at include: Here is some extensive work on an American boy Charles Hall. Be sure to persue the links. More work on keepants. More on knickers in the U.S. More on knicker suits. More on English television. More on America blouses. Here is the same image, but the garments described in more detail American boy. More on Japanese school uniform. Be sure to persue the links. More on tunics gender trends. More on Eton collars worn with floppy bows. More on tunics tunic pants. More on America in the 1870s. Another interesting old advert patent medicine. More work here rompers in America. A new German page, although our information is still very limited German rompers. A discussion of the German image. More on long stockings Germany. Mpre on English Scouts insceptions. More on Fauntleroy suits colors. More on this outfit image discussion. More color information pink.

April 10, 10:00 pm

HBC continues to persue a variety of topics. We have added information to a vide avariety of existing pages as well as created many new pages--incliding some new Dutch pages that hopefully you will have some comments on. I finally got to some of the Libelle pages. Our national rompers page is growing. There has been considerable discussion of Spanish rompers--at least what they are called in Spain. More on the Dutch sailor suits chronology. Was there any size or other interesting information on the page here? Information obtained on Ferruccio Burco. More on Dutch fashions, in this case fashion magazines. Be sure to follow the link to Libelle. I would be interested in any comments you might have about the magazines or if you can provide some of the ad copy. I'd like to add these images to the catalog pages as well, but need some of the accompanying text. A bit on brother-sister outfits. Any comments on how popular dressing brothers and sisters alike was in the Netherlands? More on the U.S. New York boy. A little reorganization here U.S. school accounts. More on the Dutch rompers. Again any of the ad text you could provide would be helpful. More on your neat Dutch images sweater patterns. More Dutch information personal account. A little reorganization here French school accounts. More on Thiland school uniform. More on corduroy smell. More work on the Dutch Dutch youth groups. Information added on the Jonge Wacht. Some information on Belgian hosiery. More information on South Africa South African choirs. Mote on fashion magazines national magazines. Again the text of the ad copy would make for interesting reading. More information here on a Belgian choir. More on Goodbye Mr. Chipps. More on Eton collars Just William. More information on Scout short material. More on youth uniform cord shorts. A bit on sailor caps peaked styles. More on Eton collars country trends. More work on Eton collars English Eton collars. More information on movies. Another artist Holmes. Still reworking these pages English accounts. More on sailor suits button front. Information on French school smocks draw strings. More on French school smocks inter-war years. A bit about a drummer boy Johnny. A bit on a American boy.

April 4, 12:30 am

Several new pages on a variety of topics. Two new images for the movie pages on Mr. Chips 39 amd Mr Chips 69. More work here French choir film. Another royalty page the Queen Mum. More work here French choir. More on Prince Charles. More on the Soviets school uniform--gender. A beginning on Soviet school neckerchiefs. More on French choirs background. Another French page, one of your images smock prevalence. Another French page smock differences. More work here on French choir films--don't know very many well. Some more work on the French film page. A page on Sweden Fodd. More on "Bob a Job" fund raising. More on movies Alphabetical page. Another interesting film Easter Parade. More on dancing national page. Another film Lord of the Flies. A sewing pattern sailor suits. More on American sailor suits. More work here reformatory films. Another American film Sleepers. More work on the English film page. More on American Scout uniforms. I thought this might be of interest HBC readers. More work here English personal experiences.

March 23, 9:00 pm

Thanks for the fascinating images. They will be a nice addition to HBC. I have been working on Europe a lot of late, HBC slowly is becoming less ominated by American material. I have done some work on the the smocks pages a bit lately and the French fashion pages. Also some interesting new English school pages. There are so many interesting new topics to persue, I hardly know where to begin.

A question. Can you tell me a bit about Libella. I assume iy is a Dutch sewing magazine.

Some new pages. bit about an English school Boston Grammar Schoo. Be sure to persue the links. More on World War II France. A bit on Irish schools. A reader hasobject to some of our historical work about Scotland. We have thus been working on the historical pages, although we have not yet had a chance to add appropriate images Victoria and Albert. A bit on Israel. Some interesting new informaton French chronology. A bit on Canadian schools. More on on of my favorite topics, prodigies. More on summer camps Young Pioneers. More on Young Pioneers Soviet Pioneers. More on the Soviet Pioneers Soviets. More on long stockings United States. More on Eton collars detachable collars. More any information on button-on styles. More about button-on information. More on U.S. button-on clothing. Some thoughts here on interpreting old photographs pets. A bit on working boys in America. More on English school uniforms Eton school uniform. More artist informaion Greuze and blouses.

March 21, 3:00 am

Sorry to here about the computer problems. I was about to go to bed when I saw your images goming in. Very nice. I still have the French school smocks that you sent last time as a high priority. The new images reminded me that I have been negligent about posting some of the new pages. Yes help with the text when I get to these would be a big help. Thatoften takes the longest when I create a new page.

Here are a few new pages. Here is a page that I have been meaning to do for some time American television. Some corrected information here Belgian television. Some more work here French family. More work on France early 20th c hair styles--a rather nice image I think. Another American artist W.M. Prior. A bit more on French schools smocks--one of your nice images. And a bit on the smock chronology. More work on radio. More on French blouses. Be sure to persue the links. More on French knits. Again, be sure to persue the links. Another new French page on hair. New image here on smocks. More on Eton suits, here as school uniform. In developing our lists of important country films we have focused on the foreign pages. We are just now getting back to the American page. Am just beginning to develop the movie chronological movie period. Do you by any chance have a favorite film with a period theme? That's it for now. Off to bed.

March 10, 2:30 am

Thanks for the new images. I see many I want to use. Wish I had more time to work on all this. Here are a few new pages. More on French school wear: smocks. Another buttons-on page chronology. More work here French hair styles. More on France chouprtte clothing. A new French page on a Paris school. A bit on Cyprus British school. More on French hair styles. More on schoolwear collars. Do you know anything about Hepzibath's Day? More on button-on clothing. More on button-on clothing.

March 6, 3:00 am

I keep meaning to load the links for you and always seem to get involved with a new page until the wee hoursof the morning. At any rate here are some more HBC pages. More on Germany headwear. More about the button-on style 1930s chronology. Another royalty page Edward VI. More on lederhosen schoolwear. More on Italy, one of your nice images in fact, school smocks. More on lederhosen schoolwear ages. Even more on lederhosen school chronology. Some more information added to the Italian postcard page. More work on the Munsters. A bit on Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster). A good bit more information added to the French school smock page. I was fascinated with the Frebnch smock pages you sent me and am looking forward to woking on them. More on Scotland, this time tunics. More information on sandals health considerations. More work on bangs. I'm waiting for just the right image. An English boy. More about tams.

February 25, 2:00 pm

A few new pages to report. Something on Russian ethnic clothing. Another wedding: US-1935. More on Russia Soviet era. More on button-styles Main button-on page. How do you describe this style in Dutch? Another button-on page age styles. Some discussion on figure 2 difficult images. Any idea about the nationality of the boys in figure 2? Well, we certainly have made a lot of progress on this page, but do not yet have an image for it. bangs terminology. More on button-on shorts age. Another artist ED Smith. More work on Canada long stockings. More information here modern bo shorts. More on the Hitler Youth Von Schriach. More on the Hitler Youth military organization. Be sure to follow the links here. Some information on HJ membership. A first cut at this page French school smocks. Another school smock page New Zealand. I loaded rge actual story here, lovely little story. Last Class. A bit on Spanish youth groups. More on France war years.

Christopher Wagner

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