Welsh Boys' Clothes: Garments--Dresses

Figure 1.-- This CDV portrait show three unidentified Welsh silings wearing matching dresses. The children look to be about 2-6 years old. Simple biology suggests that the oldest must be abour 6 years old. He could of course be older, but here looking at him we suspect that he is not any older than 6 years or so. We beleve that two may be boys, but there is no way of being sure. The youngest child has the longest hair. If the older children were girls, we suspect they would have longer hair. The studio was Gyde in Aberystwyth. Click on the image for a further discussion of the children here.

Dresses of course are rhe primary skirted garments. We believe that younger Welsh boys in the 19th century wore dresses just as English boys did. This was the general pattern throughout Europe, including Britain. We nelieve that the styles and conventions were comparable to England. Social class factors could have affeted Welsh trends, it was a rather poor area of Britain. We suspect, however, that trends were very similar among people of similar class and station. Our Welsh archive, however, is very limited and thus we have far fewer image of Wales than England. We have acquired a few images. And we see no dresses with specifically Welsh styles or differences in conventions. This would follow the same pattern we have seen with other gament. There were Welsh folk styles, but standard styles were the same as in England.


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