America: Children's Crusade for Children (1940)

Figure 1.--The Children's Crusade for Children (CCFC) was a penny-sharing relief program for American school children. It was organized after the NAZIs invaded Poland, launching World War II (September 1939). Here is the can the children used in 1940. Put your cursor on the image to see one of the side pannels on the bank. Norman Rockwell did the illustration.

The Children's Crusade for Children (CCFC) was a penny-sharing relief program for American school children. John Herling was the director (1939-40). Mrs. Roosevelt supported the effort, one of many refugee programs she supported and promoted. Pearl Buck wrote an article promoting the program in Parents Magazine (May 1940). Norman Rockwell did art work. The CCFC organized fund raising efforts by school children. The funds collected went to war refugeees. Special tin cans bamks were issued to collect the pennies. The front of the 1940 bank read "Children's Crusade for Children April 22-30, 1940"I think most of the money was actually donated by the children at school. I do not have details on how much money was collected and how it was used. The side panel of the collecting can read, "Directions: Money collected is to be taken by your principal or his representative and by a guard of honor selected from the students in your school. Money in thei crusade can collected in schools west of the Mississippi should be forwared to: Children's Crusdae for Childre, Citizen's National Ban, Emporia, Kansas. If you school is east of the Missippi, money in this can to be forwared to: Children's Crusade for Children, County National Bank, Bennington, Vermont. These two banks will turn over the money to the JURY of AWARD, consisting of: Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Monsignor John A Ryan, William Allen White, Dr.Charles B. Glenn, Hon. Irving Lehman, Carloine S. Woofruff. This can donated by The Producers of Tin Plate and The Can Manufacturers Institute" The back panel read, "In Gratitude for the Land We Live IN ____ GIVE AS MANY PENNIES AS YOU ARE OLD or anything down to a cent for hungry and homeless war stricken children in other lands. Children's Crusade for Children General Headquarters Empire State Building, N.Y.C"


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