Overseas British Evacuation of Children: Destinations--Canada

Figure 1.--These British children reached Montreal On July 7, 1940, as part of the CORB program. Source: National Archives of Canada PA-142400.

This was not the first time that British children were sent to Canada. Much larger numbers of Home children were sent in the late-19th century. Canada as a Domminion which joined Britain in the War was more open to evacuees. And it had the advantage of a relaively short Atlantic run. Thus most of the CORB children were evavcuated to Canada. Many entered through Pier 21. CORB officials were very grateful for the cooperation and offers of assistance that they got from Canada. The Canadian Govenment played an important role. Evacuees wee met at the Canadian port by Department of Immigration officials. They arranged ad supervised the the transport transport of the childrn to the various provinal clering centers. Here officials of Children's Aid or other organizations placed the children with families who had previously volunteered to take in the refugee children. And there wre follow up contacts if the chidren experienced problems adjusted. [Wallace]

Unfortunately we do not have ny details about the children in this photograph. They seen to come from the same school, from the look of it a private prep schools. (Notice the identical ties.) Perhaps two schools were involved. I have never heard of a school being evacuated overseas. It is possible that they were outfitted before being sent overseas, but I have never read that CORB did that. A British reader writes, "The phtograph of the refugee children in Canada is interesting. These were certainly children from affluent families."


Wallace, Dr. R.C. Chairman of the National Committee for Children from Overseas, radio address, November 3, 1940.


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