Overseas British Evacuation of Children: Numberss

Figure 1.--Here are British children at the docks in Liverpool during 1940 preparing to board a liner for evauation. I believe these are children participating in the CORB scheme. Pathe News

Overseas evacuations were more complicated than the domestic effort. The process was slow. And sending a chld oversas was a major decession. The number actually evacuated overseas was not large, but the precise numbers are not known. We have seen various estimates. One source suggests that 2,664 children were evcuted overseas by the CORB. Another source estimated that about 3,300 children were evacuated to the Dominions. Parents with means or overseas managed to evacuate over 13,000 children on their own. [Fethny, pp. 27-28.] We believe that most of the Ameican evacuees were arranged privately. Many of these children were evacuated beforethe CORN scheme was launched.


Fethney, Michael. The Absurd and the Brave: CORB--The True Account of the British Government's World War II Evacuatin of Children Overseas (Lewes: The Book Guild, 2000).


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