Evacuated Children: Radio Hookup with Home

Figure 1.--Here children evacuated overseas are participating in a radio hookup with their parents. I'm not sure where these children were. Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth added a little small talk.

When the Blitz began, there was some discussion of evacuating the Royal family from London or even overseas. The Royal Family, however, became a symbol of resistance to the NAZIs as they toured bombed out areas of the East End. Queen Elizabeth put a quick end to the speculation when she explained, "The Princesses will never leave without me, I will not leave without the King, and the King will never leave." She kept a revolver Winston Churchill gave her and practiced with it. When Buckingham Palace was hit by the Luftwaffe, she remaked, "Now I can look the people of the East End in the face." The Royal Family did not forget about the evacuees. The radio link up here was with parents in Britain and their children overseas. The Princess's added a little small talk. We notice that the American film "Babes on Broadway" (1941) with Micky Rooney and Judy Garland included a scene with one of these radio hookups. Thi pictured evacuee children in America.


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Created: 6:32 AM 9/24/2007
Last updated: 5:30 PM 9/24/2007