Biographies: Andrew Grove (Hungary/United States, 1936)

Figure 1.--Here we have a photograph of Andy Grove. He looks to be about 4 years old which wouldmean the photograph was taken about 1940. Actions against Hungarian Jew were already underway when this photograph was takem.

Few corporations have had a greater impact on the world as Intel. And Intel's Chairman during the critical era of the personal computer was Andrew S. Grove, a Hungarian Jew. Andy was born in Hungary as András Gróf (1936). This was of course not an auspacious time to begin life as a Jew. He narrowly missed the NAZI roundups and shipment to the death camps (1944). He was a pre-teen at the time and looked on evading the NAZIs as a great adventure, not fully comprending what was at stake. His father had wisely prepared the family for what was to come. he and his mother managed to hide with the help of friends. His father was seized and sent to a forced labor camp, but managed to survive. After surviving the NAZIs, Grove had adverse, although less horific, experiences with the Communists that replaced them. He had been taunted for being a Jew, now he was taunted for being the son of a businessmen. He was a good student and earned excellent grades in secondary school during the 1940s. He was, however, denied access to university because the Communist authorities labeled him a 'class alien'. He writes, "It's hard to describe the feelings of an 18-year old as he grasps the nature of a social stigma directed at him." [Grove] Such actions like this, limiting the prospects of its talented youth is one of the many reasons that Communist regimes reported such poor economic results. Andy as the Soviet tanks poured into Hungary, he escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 years seizing the opportunity presented from the Hugarian Revolution (1956). He evntually moved to the United States. Contrast the restrictions on his aspiratioins under Communism this to what Grove managed to achieve with Intel with Capitalism in his adopted country, America.


Grove, Andrew S. "Stigmatizing Business," The Washington Post, July 17, 2002, p.23.


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