Enid Blyton: Children's View

Figure 1.--Many of the children reading Enid Blyton books enjoy the exciting adventures. I'm not sure who the illustrator was from "Circus Days Afain", first published in 1942. Notice the scarves and sweaters that the children are wearing.

Generations of children in Britain, America, and many other countries have grown reading Enid Blyton books. Primary school children of different ages loved them because they weee fun and allowed them to practice and perfect their new reading slills. With the growing importance of the English language, some teachers have found that the Blyton books with the limited vocabulary are a wonderful vehicle for teaching English as a foreign language to younger children. HBC is used by hundreds of universities and schools in America and Britain as well as in many non-English speaking countries. It is interesting to see how some of these children view Enid Blyton.

A teacher in Tajikistan using Enid Blyton to help his primary school children in class 3 and 4 (about age 9). He tells us, "Enid Blyton stories are very popular books which my class of 9 year old pupils enjoy reading. They have also been captivated by the video films of her stories which the school has in its library. This is all the more remarkable because the children live in Tajikistan and have never visited England! They have been using the internet to find out about this English authoress. They would like to share with you their research. They are Tajik, Russian, Indian, Turkish, and Pakistani pupils. The following is their comments. These are the comments and thoughts of the guys in my class who used the internet under supervision to find out about English authoress Enid Blyton. Their English is very good, but I did help them with some of the words." For security reasons, we are using the English names they use in class. Their comments about Enid Blyton are interesting and also speak wonderfully to the universiality of childhood around the world.

My name is ‘Zahra’ and I found out that Enid Blyton could type 10,000 to 12,000 words in a day.

I am ‘Doreen,’ I like maths. My teacher says I’m the class maths prodigy. I worked out that it took about 4 days for Enid Blyton to write my favourite book, Famous Five on Treasure Island.

I am ‘Oliver’, and because I like history. I found out that Enid Blyton was born in August 1897 and died in 1968. She wrote 700 books. Enid Blyton had been a teacher before she started writing children’s stories. I don’t think I would have liked her first book because it was a book of poems. I would much rather read the ‘Famous Five' stories'.

My name is ‘Adam’ and I like the 'Famous Five' stories. The books are about children who are related to each other. I like Timmy the dog and wish I had a pet like Timmy. My sister has a pet cat called ‘Tommy.’ Dick is about my age and I like him too. I think Julian is like my older brother. He is the leader and helps me do my home work. I like to play jokes and make others laugh just like Dick does.

I am ‘Helene’ and I am in Class 4. I like Enid Blyton stories because there are hardly any adults to boss the children about. I think that children should be free to play and do things without adults being around all the time. My friend is ‘Sheryl’ she will tell you about what she found.

I found out that Enid Blyton started writing after she won a poetry writing competition. She wrote other things and sent them off to magazines. Some got published. She could play the piano just like Adam can. She could have gone to musical college but decided to be a teacher instead.

I am ‘Thelma Ann’ and I sit next to ‘Sheryl’ in the computer room. We like to talk to each other while we find things out in Yahooligan’s. I found out that lots of times Enid Blyton put people she knew into stories. In the book called ‘The Twins at St. Clare’s ‘Mam’zelle’ is really the French teacher Enid Blyton had at school. One of the pupils called ‘Claudine’ was really Enid’s friend. Some times children wrote to her and asked if she would put them in a story. She did this to seven friends and the stories about ‘The Secret Seven,’ were started. Adults have also asked to be put in her stories and she sometimes did. My teacher is a bit like her because he makes us laugh when he writes stuff on the blackboard and puts our names in the writing.

I am ‘Helen’ and I found out that Enid Blyton books have been written into about 40 languages. You can buy Enid Blyton books in lots of different countries. Some of the countries where her books are sold are Poland, Iceland and India.

I am ‘Karl’ and I have found an Enid Blyton web site. I like it because there are games you can play. I like the books because they are good stories. I would like to do the things the children do.

‘Alice’ is my name. I am in class 4. I sit near my friend ‘Doreen’. I have found a picture of Enid Blyton. She looks a nice lady and I like her books.

I am ‘Kojac’ and my friend is ‘Donald.’ We play football a lot and like school best when it is games day. We found out about some of the other books Enid Blyton wrote. There are The Far Away Tree and The Wishing Chair. There are books about ‘Noddy’ and ‘The Secret Seven.’ Donald found a picture of the video we watched.


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Created: Last updated: March 15, 2003
Last updated: March 15, 2003