Photograph Protective Cases: Decorative Covering

Figure 1.-- I am not sure about the material used for the covering of the dag case, perhaps leather. Note the shield like design, repeated for the frame inside. Here the motif was flowers. This case was done in 1852. Click on the image to see the portrait inside.

There were several different types of decorative coverings. The most common was cases with decorated leather which could be elaborately done, The motifs also varied. The leather was worked into quite a variety of designs. There were other types. Less expensive molded paper was also used. The fancy case here was done in mother of pearl Ffigure 1). There were also an early plastic material, gutta perca. These were called union cases. Some times the thermoplastic case is described as "gutta percha", but this is incorrect. The Union Case was pattented in 1854 although we seem to notice some a little earlier. Unfortunately we do not always know the type of decorative covering for the dags and ambros archived on HBC.


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Created: 2:04 AM 2/13/2007
Last updated: 2:04 AM 2/13/2007