Herbert Hoover: Presidenct Elect (November 1928-March 1929)

President Herbert Hoover Boy Scouts
Figure 1.--The caption of this AP press photo read, "Boy and Girl Scouts recently visited President-Elect Hoover and Mrs Hoover in Miami, Florida and were reviewed. Mr. Hoover was made an honorary member of the Boy Scouts of America. Photo shows Mr and Mrs Hoover reviewing the children at Belle Isle." The photograph was taken February 11, 1929.

There was still a considerable delaybetween the November election and the new president's inguration in March. But there was at the time no pressing crisis as when Hoover would leave office. We do not yet have details about the President-Elect's activities. We know that he went to Miami to relax after the strenosh campaign. He traveled to Nicaragua, although we do not yet know about the curcumstances. There were many publicity events to provide photo opportunities. There was time to consider some of his early policy initiatives on both regilations and the expanding the civil service. This was an enormously hopeful period. The American economy was booming and their seems no limits to American prosperity and the bright future that Hoover had promised in the campaign.


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