Luci Baines Johnson (1947- )

Figure 1.-- Here LBJ is holding his oldest grandson in 1971. The photograph was taken in LBJ State Park near the family ranch. Lyndon called Lyn looks to be wearing shortalls and white double t-strap sandals. A HPC reader writes, "I remember boys in my wife's family wearing these type shoes about this time. /i>

Luci Baines was born 3 years after Lynda. She was a teenager when her father became president. She married Pat Nugent in a highly publicized wedding on August 6, 1966. They had four children: Lyndon (1967), Nicole Marie (1970), Rebekah (1974), and Claudia Taylor (1976). Despite the four children, there were serious problems in the marriage. The marriage was ended by a divorce in 1979. She then married Canadian financier, Ian Turpin. Mrs Turpin manages the family media enterproes--LBJ Holding Company. She married Canadian financier Ian Turpin. She is active in various civic affairs. She is a trustee of Boston University and especialy interested in issues concerning battered women.


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