President Obama: Protecting Americans

Figure 1.-- Surveilance video shows Edward Archer of Yeadon late at night flagged down Philadelphi police officer Jesse Hartnett and tham rushed the police cruiser shoting Officer Hartnett , critically injuring him. Archer says he attacked the officer in 'the name of Islam. Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney said perdictably that the shooting had nothing to do with 'being a Muslim or the Islamic faith.' The Mayory did not explain how if Islam has mothing to do with these attcks, there are so many attcks by Muslims.

A political commentator wrote, "Last year Obama made a statement during a 9/11 event in which he said 's Americans we are not — and never will be — at war with Islam.” Maybe the president needs to remind Islam about this because they certainly don’t seem to know. It is worth noting the number of terror attacks during the Obama presidency in which he has tried to pursue a soft policy toward Islamists nd withdraw American power fom abroad which the President seems tgo blieve is respoinsible for the rise of Islamic rerrorism. The President and the mainstream media tries to catgorize these atacks as work place violence or random acts of violence, anything to convince americans that they are not Islamic terrorism. ThePreident even refuses to use the term. It is useful to compile a list of these attacks since the President's inaguration (January 2009) and in particular compare them to the terror attacks during the Bush presidency which President Obama inists is the root of Islamic terrorism. And only a few weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing brags that since he took office, “there have been no large-scale attacks on the United States” (May 23, 2013). He also assure us that 99.9 percent of Muslims reject terrorism.

Bush Presidency (2001-09)

New York and Washington D.C. (September 11, 2001): Aal-Qaeda led by Osama bin-Laden planned and finnced a coorinated terror attcks using American air liners. They struck on the on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks consisted of suicide attacks used to target symbolic U.S. landmarks. They succeeded in destroying the World Trde Centers in NewvYork, killing nearly 3,000 Americans and foreign residents.

We do not know of any futher attacks during the Bush presidency.

Obama Presidency (2009- )


Binghamton, New York (May 2009): Taliban chief claims responsibility for New York shooting massacre. In this case, the terririst was not a Muslim, but it is interesting that the Taliban attempted to take credit for the killings.

Bronx, New York (May 2009): FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues and shoot down a plane. This was a home grown plot hatched by American Muslims, somw with Middle eatern connections. The FBI and NYPD arrested the four-man homegrown terror cell that was plotting to blow up two Bronx synagogues while simultaneously shooting a plane out of the sky. Their goal was to create a 'fireball that would make the country gasp' according to law enforcement sources.

Little Rock, Arkansas (June 2009): Abdullhakim Mujahid Muhammad killed one soldier and wounded another in a drive-by attack on a U.S. military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. The shooter was an anti-military Muslim convert.

New York and Colorado (September 21, 2009): Three men were arrested and charged in the ongoing terror probe centered around New York and Colorado. The three men are Najibullah Zazi, 24; his father Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53; and Ahmad Wais Afzali, 37. When authorities searched Zazi’s car, they found a laptop computer that contained “a jpeg image of nine-pages of handwritten notes. Zazi had connections to high levels of al Qaeda.

Dallas, Texas (September 22, 2009): A 19-year-old Jordanian man, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested on charges he intended to bomb a downtown Dallas skyscraper. Smadi placed what he believed to be a car bomb outside the 60-story Fountain Place office tower, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas. The decoy device was given to him by an undercover FBI agent.

Fort Hood, Texas (November, 2009): Fort Hood massacre: Major Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 14 unarmed service men and women and wounded over 40 others. The media generally reports the death toll as 13 because one was an unborn baby. Only Planned Parenthood and their fervent supporters don’t count the unborn as people. Hasan has been linked to al-Qaeda. The Obama White House insisted that this was 'work-place violence', seking to desguise the tead increasing number of such incidents during the Presidents Administration. This allowed him to later brag that his administration had prevented major terror attacks in America. Time Magazine covered the attack with "Terrorist?" over Hasan's face on the front cover. A chilling example of how the mainstream media blindly followed the Obama work-place violence narative.

Detroit, Michigan (December 2009): Northwest 253 passengers tell of thwarted Detroit terror attack.


New York City, New York (May 1, 2010): New York’s Times Square was evacuated after the discovery of a car bomb.

Portland Oregon (November 2010): Twarted attack by ‘Christmas tree bomber’. Mohamed Osman Mohamud is accused of plotting to bomb a Portland, Ore., Christmas tree lighting ceremony.


Frankfort, Germany (March 2011): United States Military base in Frankfurt: Islamist terrorists attacked U,S. military base killing two US soldiers.

New York and Washingon, D.C, (September 9, 2011): Islamic terrorists threaten to attack on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Both cities on ‘high alert’ as ‘a specific, credible threat’ targets New York and Washington.


Benghazi, Libya (September 11, 2012): Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. consulte in Benghazi (September 11, 2012). They killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Stevens was the first U.S. Ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. The Obama White House despite availavle evidence insisted that the attack was caused by a video criticising Islam. Secretary of State Clinton also supported this false narative.


Boston, Massachusttes (April 15, 2013): The Boston Marathon bombing was a terrorist attack staged at the Marathon's finish line. Related shootings follwed. The Tsarnaev brothers, Chechen refugees from Kyrgyzstan were taken in by America and provided with welfare and food stamps. They were asylum seekers. The younger brother applied for citizenship and was naturalized (September 11, 2012). The older brother had a pending application for citizenship. They showed their graditude by detonating two pressure cooker bombs turning the Marthon into a bloodbath, killing three people and injuring 264 others. Russian authorities had warned that Tsarnaevs were Muslims who had been training with Chechen Muslim terrorists. The President now tells us that authorities can safely screen tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Oregon (December 2013): college student, who came to America as a refugee from Somalia and later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, attempted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon. He was sentenced in October 2014 to 30 years in prison.


???? (April 2014): A Moroccan Muslim who came to the U.S. on a student visa was arrested and charged in April 2014 with plotting to blow up a university and a federal courthouse.

New York (2014): Two Pakistani-American brothers living in New York, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, were sentenced in June 2015 to decades-long prison sentences for plotting to detonate a bomb in New York City.

New York City (October 2014): Zale H. Thompson, who was known for frequenting Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda websites. attacked four New York City police officers in broad daylight on a crowded sidewalk in Queens with an 18-inch metal hatchet. Two of the officers were seriously injured. The Muslim attacker frequently visited terrorist websites and featured that content on his Facebook page.

New York City (December 2014): the New York police were once again targeted when Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a Muslim man who attended a mosque linked to terrorism and anti-police activity, murdered two officers in 'retaliation' for the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.


Queens, New York (April 2015): Two female immigrants, one from Saudi Arabia and one from Yemen, one of whom applied for and received U.S. citizenship, allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS and pledged to explode a propane tank bomb on U.S. soil. They were arrested in April 2015 during an FBI undercover raid on their house in Queens.

York, South Carolina (April 2015): A teenage American citizen living in York, South Carolina, whose family emigrated from Syria, was sentenced in April 2015 for plotting to support ISIS and rob a gun store to kill members of the American military.

Garland, Texas (May 2015): Elton Sumpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi opened fire outside of a 'Draw Muhammad' art exhibit at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. The event was hosted by Pam Geller. It was the first annual “Draw the Prophet” contest. The two were Muslims and one of them had been convicted of a terror-related offense. They were killed by an off-duty Texas police officer at the scene. This was one of several Islamic attacks on freedom of expression.

Staten Island, New York (June 2015): An immigrant from Ghana, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, pledged allegiance to ISIS and plotted a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. He attacked an FBI agent with a large kitchen knife when the agent was searching his home. The search was connected to an investigation stemming from the weekend arrest of Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old U.S. citizen charged with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS.

Key West, Florida (July 2015): A Cuban immigrant inspired by Islamic extremists plotted to explode a backpack bomb filled with nails on a beach in Key West.

Chatoonga, Tennessee (July 16, 2015): Islamic terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed four Marines and a Sailor, wounding others at a Chattanooga recruiting boffice (July 16, 2015). There were two nearly simultaneous attacks against military and law enforcement personnel. This young man’s family has a history of “radicalism” but were ignored by authorities. Investigators have said Abdulazeez was a 'homegrown violent extremist' but have not offered details about what motivated the attack that began at a military recruiting center and ended when Abdulazeez was shot to death by police who followed him to the Reserve center. The young Muslim came to the United States as an immigrant from Kuwait with is parents at the age of 6, attended U.S. schools, obtained an engineering degree and became a naturalized citizen before his family said he became more religious and took the lives of five Americn servicemen.

California college (November 4, 2015): Faisal Mohammed launched a knife attack against students at a California college. He is an 18-year old devout Muslims who showed signs of allegiance to the Islamic State. But the public may never know the full details behind these crimes because the FBI has refused to release all of its reports.

San Bernadino, California (December 2, 2015): Two Islamic terrotists, incredibly with a young baby at home, assault a civic center, chosen as soft target and slay 14 and wound 17 who were celebrating a Christmas Party. Apparently the relationship to Christians nd the holidays inspired the attack. Police find a bomb factory in their home. The President tells us, that it is 'POSSIBLE' that terrorism may have been involved. Not a word about Islam. He immediately launched into a tirade promoting gun contol legislation, not mentioning tht California hss very strict gun control laws. Universal background checks Obama wants to implement, are already the law in California. California also has strict magazine limits and plenty of so-called “gun free zones”.


Piladelphia, Pennsylvania (January 7, 2016): Edward Archer of Yeadon late at night flagged down Philadelphi police officer Jesse Hartnett and tham rushed the police cruiser shoting Officer Hartnett , critically injuring him. Archer in poice custody confessed to the crime, saying he did it 'in the name of Islam.' Commissioner Richard Ross said there was no indication from the suspect, 30-year-old , that he was involved in a conspiracy. Archer had pledged his allegiance to ISIS, officials say. Ross called the shooting 'an attempted assassination of a police officer'" Also at the news conference, Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney said perdictably in typica PC language that the shooting had nothing to do with 'being a Muslim or the Islamic faith'. It is unclear towhat extent the Mayor has studied Islam. This is in line with Obama trying to explain away these attacks as 'Work place violence'. His new line is the need for gun control. Mayor Kenney did not explain how if Islam has mothing to do with these attcks, there are so many attcks by Muslims. Ross said tht the gun used in the shooting was a police firearm that was previously stolen from a home. That officer had been disciplined, Ross said. And of course stricter gun control legislation would not have prevented this sooting. Surveillance images show a man in Muslim atire, identified as Archer, approaching the driver's side window of Officer Jesse Hartnett's vehicle. The gunman pointing a gun at Hartnett's vehicle, while another shows what appears to be the muzzle flash as he fires. Another image shows the gunman with his arm in the vehicle. There was no advance warning to the officer. The gunman just began firing. Hartnett, 33, is a 5-year veteran of the force. He suffered extensive injuries to his arm, but authorities say he was awake and alert prior to that surgery. Archer fired 13 shots, three of which hit Hartnett in the arm. Hartnett was able to return fire, striking the suspect three times. "I just have to tell you, when you look at the video - we have video that captured all of this - it's one of the scariest things I've ever seen," said Ross. "This guy tried to execute the police officer. It's amazing he's alive." The moments immediately following the shooting were also captured in a dramatic recording of police radio calls. "I'm shot! I'm bleeding heavily!" Hartnett can be heard saying.

American Muslims supporting terror

In addition to actual Islamic terrorist attacks, the FBI and the mainstrem media are not reporting on the level of Muslim involvement with supporting terrirism and/or trying to join ISIS.

--An immigrant from Muslim-dominated Bangladesh, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship,‎ tried to incite people to travel to Somalia and conduct violent jihad against the United States. He was arrested in Texas in 2014.

--An immigrant from Sudan living in northern Virginia, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, tried to join ISIS and wage jihad on its behalf after having been recruited online. He pleaded guilty in federal court in June 2015 to providing material support to ISIS and his friend, according to court records, is now a member of the Islamic State fighting force in Syria.

--A Muslim refugee couple from Bosnia, along with their five relatives living in Missouri, Illinois and New York, were charged in February 2015 with sending money, supplies and smuggled arms to ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

--A Muslim immigrant from Yemen, who applied for and received U.S. citizenship, along with six other men living in Minnesota as members of refugee families, were charged in April 2015 with conspiracy to travel to Syria and to provide material support to ISIS.

-- A Somali refugee with lawful permanent resident status, along with four other Somali nationals, were charged July 23, 2014, with leading an al-Shabaab terrorist fundraising conspiracy in the United States, with monthly payments directed to the Somali terrorist organization.

--A Kazakhstani immigrant with lawful permanent resident status conspired to purchase a machine gun to shoot FBI and other law enforcement agents if they prevented him from traveling to Syria to join ISIS. He and two others from Uzbekistan, both living in Brooklyn, were charged in February 2015 with providing material support a foreign terrorist organization.

--A Uzbek man in Brooklyn allegedly encouraged other Uzbek nationals to wage jihad on behalf of ISIS, and raised $1,600 for the terror organization. The arrests were announced in February and April 2015.

--Six members of Minnesota’s Somali-American refugee community have recently been charged with trying to join ISIS. The Washington Times reported that “the effort [to resettle large groups of Somali refugees in Minnesota] is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state’s safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.”

--An Uzbek refugee living in Boise, Idaho, was arrested in 2013 and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization, in the form of teaching terror recruits how to build bombs to blow up U.S. military installations. He was convicted in August 2015.

--A Muslim immigrant from Syria living in Ohio, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was accused by federal prosecutors of planning to “go to a military base in Texas and kill three or four American soldiers execution style.”

--An immigrant from Afghanistan, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, and a legal permanent resident from the Philippines, were convicted Sept. 25, 2014, for trying to “join Al Qaeda and the Taliban in order to kill Americans.”

--An Iraqi immigrant, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested in May 2015 for lying to federal agents about pledging allegiance to ISIS and his travels to Syria.

--An immigrant from Yemen, who later applied for and received U.S. citizenship, was arrested in September 2014 in Rochester, New York, for allegedly trying to join ISIS. He was also charged with attempting to illegally buy firearms to try to shoot American military personnel.


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