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HBC receives a large number of queries from histprical re-enactors who want to obtain authentically designed period clothing, especially some of the garments discussed on HBC. HBC has noted a number of individuals who offer information on reinactment events or preparing accurate re-enactment costumes. Several sites offer actual garments that have been sewn to authentic period styles. We will only mention sites that offer some basic historical accuracy. We will also include reader comments about these sites.

Historic Momments

Historic Moments for Young Gentlemen reports, "We have some wonderful new styles for your boys! Our tunics can be worn with petticoats until after toilet training (usually age 3 or 4), and with short or long trousers after that. The tailored styles below are manly and correct, and reflect the popular love of "all things Scottish" after the tastes of England's Queen Victoria with their kilt-like pleated skirts. (The smallest boys will also be correct in any of the small "girl's" frocks.) Also new are our overblouse styles for older boys. You'll find them near the bottom of this page. Trousers & underdrawers for boys are available with a center "convenience slit" ... a short section of the crutch seam that is hemmed, and hides within the fullness of the trousers, providing easy access for toilet needs."

Thread the Needle

Thread the Needle specializes in 18th century clothing. They offer cCustom tailoring for fine fitting clothes. They make quality 18th century clothing for re-enactors: mountain men, rondezvours and entertainers.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 21, 2001
Last updated: June 26, 2002