Historical Re-enaction: The Renaissance--Chronology

Figure 1.-- These European boys may have been seen as participating in a medieval pageant, but their guns confirm that it is a Renaissance pageant. It looks to be a German event, but we do not have details at this time.

The Renaissance means rebirth and is the term used to describe the revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe from the 13th-16th centuries. Unfortunately, HBC often dies not have details on the chronological period depicted in available images. Our understanding of Renaissance fashion is still very limited as thus we can't speak authoritatively on the chronological styles. We do note, however, that fashion in the medieval period changed very slowly, but did quicken somewhat during the Renaissance. Along with costuming, weapons are also displayed. The weaponry is often easier to date than the costuming.

14th Century

15th Century

16th Century

We have archieved a theatrical costude which look to be made for the a Tudor era boy. It is a pink costume were are unsure as to its accuracy.


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Created: August 28, 1999
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