Indian Royalty

Figure 1.--This is H.H. Krishna Raja Wodeyar Bahadur IV at his ibnstalation with his younger brother. He is the third child and eldest son of his late highness. He was born June 4, 1884, and ascended the Musnad, February 1, 1985. HIs marriage ceremonies were prformed June 6, 1900.

Indian royal lines are an extremely complicated topic. This is a topic that would take a maot study to address. Today India is one country. Historically it was more of a continent which included modern Pakistan and Bangladash. There were many different monarchies rather like Europe, but with less well thorough documented hostories. . Rather than one are a few royal lines, In India there are hindreds if not thousands of lines. There have been many Indian empires as well as kingdoms in addition to countless small principalities. Sorting all this out is a danting challenge. The most important was the empire established by the Islamic Mogul invaders who for the first time united most of India. The resulting Mogul Dynasty included some truly remarkable rulers, including Barbur and Akbar . For a brief moment in time it looked like the Mogul emperors were suceeding in establishing a highly tolerant multi-cultural and inited India. The final great Mogul Emperor, however, embraced a stidently Islamic vision for India tht atrmpted to supress Hinduism. The result was a series of costly wars which weakened the Empire and dynasty. It was the beginning of a long period of decline. By the time the British arrived in India, the Mogul emperor in Deli had lost most of his authority. India was divided into many small principalities. We have not yet assessed these principalities. In addition there was the Aga Kahn who was a hereditary Islamic religious leader. When Indias became a republic at independence (1947), the princes or nabobs, with a few exceptions, surrendered their authority to the republic.


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