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British Royalty: Victoria--Grandmother

Figure 1.--This portrait was taken in 1871, about 10 years after Albert passed away. Most of the Queen's family is now married and have children. This portrait gives a good idea of the sized of the family Victoria and Albert created and why her descendents married into most of the other European royal families. Can you make out who is who? Click on the image for some pointers.

Victoria and Albert had a large family. When their marriages and children are added we have a very substantial number of people, making it difficult of keeping track of who is who. A complete tally shows why Queen Victoria became known as the grandmother of Europe. Queen Victoria took a great interest in her grandchildren, especially the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales. She did not, however, lose track of the others. Of course the Queen could exert special cconcern and attempt tp control the grandchildren close at hime. Here she was especially concerned with the children of tthe Pribce and Princess of Wales. They were in fact the major cause of the disagreements between the Queen and Princess of Wales who did her best to be tactful. The Queen each year raised objections to Alix taking the children to visit their Danish grandparents. She had no objections to her daughter Victoria bringing the grandchildren even from an early age from Prussia to see her, but did object to Alix taking the younger grandchildren to Denmark. She expressed concern over their health, but we suspect that this was not her major concern. The grandchildren often did not enjoy vists to their grandmother. Queen Victoria tended to be stricter and more formal than their parents.


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