European Royalty: Germany--Unidentified Hohenzollerns

Figure 1.--The script is difficult to make out. It appears to say Princess Charles deHohenzollern. There are some Hohenzollerns with Charles a part of their name, but we could not find a Charles with children named Stépahnie and Marie Antoinette, and Albrecht. We have since determined that the Princess was Princess Josephine of Belgium who married Charles Anthony Hohenzollern of Sigmaringen.

There are some Hohenzollern photographs that I have been unable to identify. Any insights on who these family members are would be greatly appreciated. We can not, for example, identify the family in figure 5. We have found additional information, but are still unable to find their geneology. We will archive here images we have been unable to identify yet.

Image 1

Image 1 shows Princess Charles de Hohenzollern. We were not sure at first who they were and are still not sure how they are related to the German/Prussian royal family. The honorific is L.L.A.A.R.R. which means Leurs Altesses Royales Madame la Princesse Charles de Hohenzollern; les Princesses Stéphanie et Marie-Antoinette ainsi que le Prince Albrecht. The portrait looks to be dated in the 1900s before World War I, probably about 1905. The mother is Princess Josephine of Belgium (1872- ). She was a daughter of of Philip, Count of Flanders. Her grandfather was Leopold I and her brother was Albert I. Josephine married Prince Charles Anthony Hohenzollern in 1894. His father was Prince Leopold von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1835- ). His mother was Antonia of Portugal, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1845-1958). His brother became King Ferdinand I of Romania. We have little information about the family at this time, but we know that Albrecht wore white sailor suits and had short hair cuts. Josephine died in 1958. We have no information on the children.

Image 2

The available postcard image claerly identifies Prince Friederich Sigismund von Prussen as eldest son of Prince Leopold von Prussen. The problem is that we are not quite sure who Prince Leopold von Prussen is. We have found several sons, grandsons, and nephews of William II named Frederich, but none with the added name of Sigismund or Leopold. Thus we are mot ye sure how he fits into the royal family. The available image shows him at about 12 years of age weating a suit with a large slightly rounded stiiff collar and some sort of necktie. Hde seems to be wearing a sweater unfer his suit jacket. His hair is slicked back with a sharp center part. Any leads readers can offer as to the realtionshop with the royal family would be most appreciated.

Figure 3.--The boy in the plain dress or smock is Karl Anton Hohenzollern who was reportedly born in 1922. If so the photograph would have been dated undated about 1924. Click on the image for another photograph of Karl Anton.

Image 3

The boy in the plain dress or smock is Karl Anton Hohenzollern who was reportedly born in 1922. If so the photograph would have been dated about 1924. We are not sure yet, however, who his parents were and how he fits into the Hohenzollern family. He could well be the son of Albrecht in figure 1 above, but we are not sure.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 3, 2002
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