Moroccan Monarchy

Figure 1.--The caption of this press photo read, "New boy sultan in Morocco: Photo shows the new boy sultan of Morocco, being escorted through the streets after the inaguration ceremonies. He is the third son of the late Sultan whom he succeeds." The photograph was taken in Rabat on December 2, 1927.

The Alawi dynasty has reigned over Morocco for centuries (17th century). The Alawi Sultan over this period exercised varying degrees od authority. France established a colony in Algeria (1830s). Morocco managed to maintain a decree of indeoendence. After the tirn of the 20th century, several European powers viws to incorporate Morocco in its empire. Sultan Abd al-Aziz IV felt forced to cooperate with the Europeans. He was forced from the throne (1908). Abd al-Hafiz, his brother, seized power. He was ih turn forced to abdicated after the French seized control and establishd a protectorate (1912). He was succeeded by his brother Yusuf. Under thecFrench, the sucession was more orderly. Yusuf's son Mohammed who was crowned Sultan Mohammed V (1927). While young, Mohammed played a crfafty game with the French. He did not openly challenge rheir authority, but he was a strong nationalists and constantly attempted to promote Moroccan interests within thevlimits permitted by France. Nationalists in both Algeria and Morocco began to more openly challenge the French after World War II, mohammed became more open withsupporting the nationalists. The French deposed him (1953). Increasing turmoil forced the French to bring him back (1955). France granted independence (1956). Sultan Mohammed adopted the more European title of king. Mohammed's sun suceeded him as King Hassan II (1961). King Hassan has been accused of human rights abuses which is true using European standards. He has, however, presided over a muchbmore open society than is tge case in Arab world. He has been a forced for peace in the Arab world and has promoted some democratic reforms. Hassan's son suceeded him as Mohammad VI (1999). King Mohammad Vi like his father and grandfather rules Morocco as a virtual absoluter ruler. While there have been some reforms, but tge King still controls the Joriccan Govrment. King Mohammad married Princess Lalla Salma (2002). Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, was born (2003) and Princess Lalla Khadija (2007).


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