European Royalty: Boys' Clothes--Unknown Image 3

Figure 3.--HBC believes that this is an Austrian photograph taken about 1910. We can not, however, quite make out the text. Several interesting fashion trends are observeable. The boys appear to be brothers.

This post card has a caption, but HBRC has trouble making it out. It reads something like: "The sons of S.k.n.h. H?heil Ersheravg Leopold Salvador, the Ersheravg Carlos, Anton, Franz Jodef, Ra?? Karl, Leopold Maria Alfons". We believe that this is probably an Austrian portrait taken about 1910. The portrait shows the fashion of dressing boys of similar age in identical outfits. The boys here wear three types of costumes.

Older Boys

The older boys wear identical dark suits with narrow neckties. The fact that they wear neckties suggests that it was a portrait taken in the 1910s.

Yonger Boys

The two younger boys wear identical sailor suits. The suits have very traditiinal styling. The boys wear white blouses with darl long pants. Like their older brothers, they have short hair. Both boys wear dark scarves. Their dickies, however, seem different. One boy has a white dicky while the other has a stripped dicky.

Youngest Boy

The youngest brother in thos portrait wears a white middy blouse like his two older brothers. Hewears his middy blouse, however, with white kneepants and dark short socks. He also has long uncurled hair. Note the white hair bow which appears ornamental rather than functiionally holding his long hair in place.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 1, 2001
Last updated: July 1, 2001