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HBC is collecting information on individual Italian schools. The school portraits over time offer a great deal of useful information on fashion trends. They also provide helpful information on educational trends. We have some at this time information on several schools, both public and state schools in different parts of the country. Information from these schools show how schoolwear has varied over time at several different schools. And as many Italian schgools did not have unifiorms or smocks, there is also a great deal og general fashion information. We also note trends at the different kinds of schools. We are archiving the information both alphabetically and chronologically. The chronological information is useful both because it provides information on time periods and because many of the images we have found are not identified, but some are dated. Others it is possible to estimate the date, but here we mostly want to include school images that are definitaviely dated. This will make the decade pages we eventually hope to create more reliable sources of information on fshion trends.

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