Austrian School Garments

Figure 1.--These two Austrian boys are on their way to school about 1960. Note the school satchles. Many Austrian boys wore Lederhosen to school.

The garments worn by Austrian boys were quite similar to those worn in Germany. Eton colars and kilts never caught on, but the sailor suit was very popular and commonly worn through the 1930s. Knee pants became increasingly popular in the 1890s and after World War I (1914-18) when the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was broken up, short pants became increasingly common. Most boys commonly wore shorts until the 1960s when long pants, especially jeans, became more common. One popular local garment was Lederhosen. I have few details about llederhosen specifically, but the style was commonly worn in southern German (Bavaria), Austria, and Switzerland. Boys would wear them to school with a jacket or sweater. They were worn for both dressing up, and because of their durability, for play. They continued to be commonly worn through the 1950s, but declined in popularity during the 1960s.


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