School Uniform: Hair Styles

school hair syles
Figure 1.--Hair cuts with a center part became popular in the 1990s. Only a minority of boys attempted center parts, but quite a number did so.

Just like uniform and other school hair styles, hair styles have also changed over time. We have seen school hair styles from close cropped hair to long shoulder-length styles. And school photographs are a good way of following these changes. This is complicated somewhat by the fact that msny schools have had very strict hair style regulations or attempted to regulate hair styles. In part this was a public health issue, but with improving sanitaion standards it by the mid-20th century was essentially a fashion matter. With teenagers attempting to make a statement and schools tending to insist on conservative hair styles. At schools with uniform, hair styles were the only fashion stateement pupils can make, other than wearing the uniform slovenly. But uniform schools tended to be stricter about hair styling. Other schools have had only general dress code regulations. Many schools leave it entirely up to the children and parents. We note wide variations in styles and school rules over time. Often educational philopsophy is more important here than fashion. There are also significant differences among countries. We only hAve a few country hair pages, including: America, England, France, and Germany. We only have a page on Russian girls. This is a section that we hope to expand. Hopefully readers will provide some insights on this topic with descriptions of their experiences.


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