One-piece Play Suits

Figure 1.--This American postcard photo is undated. We would guess it was taken about 1910. He wears a vey plain play suit. This was a new type of garment which appeared in the 20th century along with changing attitudes toward play.

We notice children wearing one-pice outfits in the early 20th century. Some were made as button-on outfit, either to aid in dressing or because they were two-piece button-on outfits. We do not know a lt about these outfits. I'm not sure what they were called arthe time. They seemed to have been popular in America during the 1910s. These play suits seem to have been a largely American style. We see these outfits both in catalogs and in the photographic record. These play suits were commonly very play, but e notice other with stylistic detailing. They were often made with long pants, although we see vrious pants lengths.


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