Croatian Folk Costume: Individual Examples

Figure 1.--This Croatian boy was photographed in a folk costume. I am not sure when the photograph was taken, probably about 1930. Nor do we know where he lived in Croatia.

Here we will archive specific examoles of Croatian folk costumes. All of the examples we have found to date are 20th century images.

Image 1

This unidentified boy wears a conical cap rather like an Alpibe cap. This may be a Slovenian influence. Notice the embroidery on the cap. This is something we do not see on Austrian and Bavarian Alpine caps. The boy wears a vest which was a common garment in Croatian and Balkans folk costuming in general. It was probably red. Red and whote were popular colors in Croatian folk costuming. As can be observed, the vest was heavily embroidered. The elaborate neckwear is a liyyle difficuklt to make out. He seems toi be wearing ribbons or some kind of crevat. The boy's shirt was very long looking ratherv like a tunic. We are not sure, but he seems to be wearingh high boots wiyth outfit.


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Created: December 4, 2002
Last updated: 3:05 AM 12/3/2008