Canadian Long Stockings: Patterns

Figure 1.--This CDV portrait is from Fredericton New Brunswick. There was no prinying on the front of the card, but there was some printing on the back in landscape format. We would guess that the portrait was made in the 1870s, but are not positive. Note the striped stockings, velvet vest and matching velvet trimmings on his coat.

Canadian children generally wore solid color long stockings, but we have noted some patterns. The most common pattern was strips. In many cases the stripes were done i quite bold patterns, althoughwe are not sure about the actual colors. We are also not yet sure about the chronlogy, but they seem especially common in the 1870s-80s. We believe these stripped stockings were worn by both boys and girls. They see to be rather sporty, but boys seem to wear them with dressy outfits. Some times the suits are rather sober, making the stockings really stand out. We are not sure how common they were for more formal occassions like church. We do not know if te children had any preferences about these stockings. These seems more an American than a British style, but we are not yet positive about this.


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Created: 3:20 AM 1/2/2007
Last updated: 3:20 AM 1/2/2007