Long White Stockings: Conventions

Figure 1.--This German portrait was taken in 1930. He looks to be about 8 years old. The boy is doing his First Communion in a white sailor suit, white long stockings, and dark sandals. Note the candle, vey common with German first communions.

We have begun to collect some information on the conventions associated with long white stockings. We note both boys and girls wearing white long stockings. Girls of all ages wore them. The boys that wore then were mostly younger boys. They appear to be especially associated with formal wear. This was paticularly common in the early 20th century. We note many boys, especially American boys, doing their First Communion or appearing in weddings wearing long white stockings. A good example here is an American school group doing their First Communion in 1917. This was especially true for the early 20th century when white kneesocks were not considered sufficently formal. We note that they were more widely worn by girls, often for school or other less formal occassions. When boys wore them, however, it was more likely to be worn for formal occassions.


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Created: October 3, 2003
Last updated: 4:32 AM 2/22/2007