Adverisements for Tights

Figure 1.--The soccer ball this child is holding indicates that the child is a boy to stress in this German advertisement that the tights are for boys as well as girls. Click on the image to see the full advertisement which mostly featured girls.

Many European companies market tights as children's tights. It is not always clear if they are for girls or boys. Even in countries where boys wear tights, they are generally more popular for girls than boys. This is reflected in the advertisements, at least recent ones, in which mostly girls are pictured. Some times both boys and girls are pictured in the advertisements. Sometimes whole families are pictured because in some countries adult men and women also wear tights. Sometimes both boys and girls are mentioned in the text of the advertisement. Sometimes only clues are provided such as having a model hold a ball--a strong suggestion that the child is a boy. A German reader assures HBC that they are for boys. They have a fly front and the ad reads "Knaben-Strumpfhose" which simply means "boys tights".

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 22,2000
Last updated: August 4, 2000