Eton Dresses

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Formal Eton suits and collars were a style which lasted for about a century in England and were also commonly worn in America. The Eton collar was most commonly worn with suits, but it was employed with many other garments as well, including kilts and dresses.

PopularityAvailable images show that Eton collars were worn with dresses. It was not a common style, but it was sometimes seen. Many mothers probably saw the Eton collar as to severe a style to be worn with dresses. I believe thia was most common with boys' dresses rather than girls dresses.


Eton collars were being worn at Eton College in the early 19th Century. They began to be commonly worn with boys' fashions at about mid-century. It was about this time that they began to appear with dresses. They continued to be occasiionaly employed through the 1880s, but were no longer seen with dresses by the late 1890s.

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Created: November 27, 1998
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