Leading Strings: Blue Dress

Figure 1.--Here is an actual dress made with leading strings. I have no information about the dress at this time, such as where and when it was made. Notice the smocking on the dress. Click on the image for a fuller description.

This vintage blue dress was auctioined on E-Bay. The descriotion read, "Girls blue cotton dress hand smocking 100 percent cotton. Light blue dress, darker blue smocking on the front and back. Pearl button closure. For 6/7 year old, 24" x 12" back. Very small spots and some fading on the tie back. Made by Mary Jauncey, owner of specialty shop for women and children. Also assisted by Adah Godwin head of Singer Sewing Machine shop in Philadelphia on Chestnut Street and recipient of a World's Fair in Chicago award." There was no date, but the dress looks like styles worn by girls in the 1930s and 40s. I thought at first that the long bands were reading strings, but especially given bthe date I think that more likely theu were simly an especiall long waist band for toeing a bow in the back of the dress.


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Created: July 18, 2003
Last updated: July 18, 2003