Jackie Coogan: European Tours

Figure 1.--Here we see Jackie on board the "Ile de France". Captain Blancart is seen beside Jackie Coogan among a large group of boys employed by the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique. The photograph was taken February 20, 1929. Jackie was about 15 years old and wearing a double-breasted long pants suit. Click on the image to see he full photograph.

Jackie seems to have taken several trips to Europe. I don't know how many or have the precise dates. These trips would have been taken by ocean liner. We notice a 1929 crossing on a Frech ocean liner. Movie stars at the time were international figures, especially American movie stars because Hollywood was already such a dominant part of the international movie industry. Until the late 1920s, filns were silent. This meant that films could be easily prepared for foreign audiences by simply changing the captions. We assume tht Jackie was a recognized star in Europe because of his films, especially the films made with Chaplin. Before the invention of the Talkies, movies had an international reach and few language difficulties. All you had to do was to replace the dialog text.


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Created: January 2, 2000
Last updated: September 27, 2002