La Vie Comme un Dimanche - Smocks

Figure 1.--"La Vie Comme un Dimanche" has scenes with boys wearin grey back buttoning school smocks. Notice how several boys have unbuttoned their smocks after school. Also some boys use he smock belt and others do not.
Some of the boys in La Vie Comme un Dimanche are pictured wearing French school smocks. They are grey front buttoning smocks. This style suggests the film was set after World War II when front buttoning smocks began to replace the back buttoning ones. But the berets suggest that back buttonong smocks were still common. Notice that some boys wear them with belts like an overcoat. Some boys unbutton their smocks after school, giving the impression that they are wearing long jackets. They all appear to wear very uniform smocks the same color and style. HBC had the impression that while some French schools required smocks, they often did not insist on a specific style or color. The uniformity suggests a private school.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 19, 2001
Last updated: January 23, 2003