Japanese Boy Scout Uniforms: Cub Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here we see a new Japanese Cub Scout in 2011. He wears the full uniform, but wityhout the cap. Most Cubs like the boy here wears the unifirm with sneakers.

Japanese Cubs wear blue shirts with yellow trim, similar to the old Cub uniform worn by American boys until the 1980s. The Japanese are one of the few countries to copy theAmerican Cub unifirm. We are not sure when Cubbing was introduced in Japan. It may have been after World War II. Many countries copied the British Cub uniform, but the Japanese at least since the 1950s have used the blue American uniform. I'm not sure what the Japanese Cub uniform was like in the years before World War II. While American Cubs in the 1950s mostly wore long pants, Japanese Cubs always wore shorts. The shirt and pants have yellow piping. Japanese Cubs still almost always wear the short pants uniform and with kneesocks, unlike the Scouts who now mostly wear long pants. The girls since the program was made coeducational also wear short pants. The caps were also the British school peaked style that American Cubs wore. The American Cubs changed their uniform style in 1981. The Japanese continued to wear the blue uniforms.


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