Boy Choir Movies: Poland

Figure 1.--Polish choirs used destinctive folk dress for costumes. This costume consisted of a red jacket with black velvet trim..

An HBC contributor has provided some information on a Polish boys' choir film, but as it was in the Polish language, few details about the plot. HBC believes that the choir costumes portayed are authentic.

The Movie

The HBC contributor that provided the images reports that he doesn't speak Polish and so cant help with the plot of this film. As there were no subtitles, it was dificult to work out the story line from the padding. It ends up with the boy singing at a major concert with his parents in the audience--of course all very proud. Roll credits!!!!


The moview show the boys in their street clothes and two different folk costumes. Until the 1990s, Polish choirs almost all had short pants and white kneesocks worn with a jacket styled on a folk design.

Street clothes

The boys are show practicing in a variety of street clothes. The wear colored shirts and long and short pants. One boys wears lederhosen or suspender shorts.

Figure 2.--This Polish choir uses what looks to be a waistcoat, perha[ps styled upon an 18yh century style. As with most of their costumes, the boys wear short black pants and white kneesocks.

Red jackets

One costume is a red high collar jacket with black velvelt colar trim and black center buttons. It is worn with short black shorts and white knee socks.

Green jackets

Another outfit is a kind of green waist coat. The ceter front is cut out and boarded with black velvet trim. It is worn with a string tie bow. The boys also wear black short pants ans white kneesocks.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: Movember 13, 1998
Last updated: November 15, 1999