Miscelaneous Home Activities

Figure 1.--This 1897 depection shows how teech were pulled by a determined mother. Notice the boy's knee panrs and long stockings. Although it looks like a hooded shirt he is wearing, that is a bangage arounf his jaw. The sceme appears to be set in a working class home.

The limitations of photography in the 19th century limited the photograping of candid home scenes. Some available images, however, provide a variety of glimses of the 19th centutry home and the clothes worn at home. The background scenes help to determine the socila status of the home, important in assessing clothing trends.

HBC initial asessment is that the various types of skirted garments, (dresses, kilts, and even smocks) were most commonly worn bu boys from affluent or at least comfortable middle class families. Boys from working class families were more likely to be breeched and wearing kneepants at an early age. The same is true of long hair and in America, ringlet curls.

Christopher Wagner


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Created: September 13, 1999
Last updated: September, 1999