Artists: Isior Kaufman (Hungary/Poland, 1853-1921)

Figure 1.-- Izidor Kaufman decicated his career to creating a record of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, especiually Poland. He was especially intereted in Hasidic Jews. Here is his portrait of an unidntified Hasidic boy. Notice his side curls. The side locks or curls are called 'Payos' meaning 'corners of the head'. We are not sure what kind of shirt or blouse he is wearing.

We note an artist who began painting after a commercial career--Isidor Kaufmann. He is a little difficult to categorize in country terms. He painted while a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was born to Hungarian Jewish parents in Arad, then a part of the Hungarian Kingdom within the Austrian Empire (1853). The town is now a part of Romania. His parents insisted he pursue a commercial career. Thus he could begin persuing art only as a young adult. He studied at the Landes-Zeichenschule in Budapest for a year (1875). He then went to Vienna to syudy (1876). He was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts (1876). We are not sure why, but the fact he was Jewish was likely a factor. So he soughtout established artists to study unfer. He worked in the studio of Joseph Matthäus Aigner. He then was accepted by the Malerschule of the Vienna Academy. And finlly became a private pupil of Professor Trenkwald. He decided to pursue gebre painting, naley images of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. This included many fine portraits of individuals, like the unidentified Hasidic boy here (figure 1). He did a lot of his work in Poland and thus has to be lited among Polish artidts as well as Hungarian. He worked in Poland largely a part of the Tsarist Empire. Poland attracted him because there was such a large Jewish population, including a substrantial Hasidic population which was of special interest to Kaufmann.

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